The Team

With over 100 years of collective experience in the aviation sector, the Zephyrus management team has established deep, long-standing relationships with key decision makers throughout the aviation industry. Through these relationships, Zephyrus has direct access across the aviation value chain to OEMs, lessors, airlines, service providers, and part-out companies. The Zephyrus management team includes members of the executive team of a former $10+ billion aircraft lessor.

In aggregate, over the past decade, the Zephyrus management team has:

Tony diaz
Tony Diaz
  • Damon j dagostino
    Damon J. D’Agostino
    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Robert meade
    Robert J. Meade
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Susan geitzenauer 36 c
    Susan Geitzenauer
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Richard genge
    Richard F. Genge
    Director of Fleet Strategy
  • David zephyrus aviation capital
    David Gleeson
    Director of Technical & Asset Management
  • Aileen mcelroy
    Aileen McElroy
    Director of Structuring & Planning
  • Mikhail baskov 07283 c
    Mikhail Baskov
    Senior Vice President
  • Graham niven
    Graham Niven
    Senior Vice President
  • Dave porter smith 2019 05 c
    Dave Porter-Smith
    Senior Vice President
  • Zephyrus aviation capital 432bg ret
    David Treitel
    Senior Vice President
  • Pablo aguirre 50 c
    Pablo Aguirre
    Vice President
  • Sonya aherne
    Sonya Aherne
    Vice President, Power Plant
  • Timothy brick
    Tim Brick
    Vice President
  • Charlotte pinna
    Charlotte Pinna
    Assistant Vice President of Contracts
  • Sinead theisen
    Sinead Theisen
    Assistant Vice President of Technical
  • Zephyrus aviation capital 432 c
    Doire Shiels
    Investor Relations & Finance Manager
  • Leandro montilla 65 print
    Leandro Montilla
    HR Administrator & Office Manager
  • Nishant chaudhary 07322
    Nishant Chaudhary
    Technical Operations Analyst
  • Yuxuan zhang.
    Yuxuan Zhang
  • Dawei yu headshot
    Dawei Yu
  • Zephyrus aviation capital logo