The Team

With decades of experience and team member pedigrees that include airlines, lessors, banks, appraisers, and OEMs, Zephyrus is able to craft transactions through the lens of each stakeholder in a transaction. Each Zephyrus team member is committed to and is intentionally focused on building and maintaining deep relationships with key decision makers throughout the aviation industry, and through these relationships, Zephyrus has direct access across the aviation value chain to OEMs, lessors, airlines, lenders, service providers, and part-out companies.

Tony Diaz
  • Damon D’Agostino
    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Robert Meade
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Susan Geitzenauer
    Chief Operating Officer
  • David Gleeson
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Richard Genge
    Director of Fleet Strategy
  • Aileen McElroy
    Director of Structuring & Planning
  • John Lenfestey
    Financial Controller
  • Graham Niven
    Senior Vice President, Commercial
  • Dave Porter-Smith
    Senior Vice President, Commercial
  • Sonya Aherne
    Vice President, Power Plant
  • Tim Brick
    Vice President, Trading
  • Bryan Lange
    Vice President, Commercial
  • John O'Hara
    Vice President, Technical
  • Muru Palaniappan
    Vice President, Commercial
  • Doire Shiels
    Assistant Vice President, Investor Relations
  • Sinead Theisen
    Assistant Vice President, Technical
  • Yuxuan Zhang
    Assistant Vice President, Pricing & Data Science
  • Darius Miezutavicius
    Manager, Marketing
  • Margarita Zuravlova
    Assistant Vice President, Finance
  • Brette Machado
    Manager, Administration & Facilities (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Michal Ruson
    Manager, Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Nina Zuravlova
    Manager, Administration & Facilities (Dublin)