What We Do

Zephyrus Aviation Capital pursues creative transactions in the young to mid-life commercial aircraft asset class. Zephyrus is focused on value creation by managing aircraft and engines efficiently and effectively through their life cycles. The company constantly strives to add value for its partners in each transaction. Assets are sourced through a variety of avenues leveraging the deep industry relationships which have been cultivated over time by the Zephyrus team.


Zephyrus provides aircraft and engine leasing solutions to a variety of commercial airlines around the world. Lease products include both short and long-term arrangements, as well as creative solutions benefitting both airlines and investors. Zephyrus' partner airlines include some of the largest airlines in the world, as well as the nimblest and most agile charter and low-cost carriers.


Aircraft and engine acquisitions are achieved through a variety of channels, including airlines, financiers, aircraft and engine manufacturers, lessors and asset managers. Acquisitions can be in the form of a sale-leaseback transaction with short or long-term leases, or a direct acquisition of assets with or without leases attached.


Zephyrus pursues a proactive marketing and portfolio management strategy which is focused on value optimization for both customers and investors. Relationships established by the Zephyrus team range from OEMs, at the beginning of an aircraft’s life cycle, to after-market providers at the end of an aircraft’s life cycle, and a multitude of stakeholders in between.